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What is the difference between Segway & NInebot?

Segway was the pioneer of the self balancing personal transportational device. As such it is the most famous brand name which everyone recognises. Segway is an American company and whilst being great innovators of this pioneering technology they were bought out by the largest producer of personal transporters in the world - Ninebot. 

The table illustrates some of the differences between the two machines.

For our use indoors we felt the improved manoeuvrability and smoother drive system provides a superior experience for our riders. Each machine contains a black box recorder which contains a full history of each machine. They have several safety back ups so the rider will not have a situation where the machine goes out of control. Ninebots are also very able outdoors and have more powerful motors than Segway providing greater torque.

Segway Experience 

£10ea/12 mins, £15/20 mins

​Combine segway with another experience and pay only £10 for 15mins

1 Hour Exclusive Birthday Party only £120  (up to 15 riders)

Ages 6yrs - adults (different machines to suit age and size)

​Max weight 105 kg

The first Indoor Segway Arena in the UK @ JDR Karting Gloucester

JDR Karting offers a unique opportunity to learn to ride the top of the range Ninebot Elite indoors at our arena so no matter what the weather you are sure to have a great time.

We have 5 machines which can be riden together however we can take groups up to 15 during a session alternating the riders. Each session consists of an initial induction then you are free to ride around the course. When riders become more competent throughout the session we will introduce various obstacles for you to negotiate and test your new found skills.

Sessions last 20 mins including induction for up to 5 riders and 40 mins for 6-10 riders. We charge £15 per person including full safety gear, helmet, knee & elbow pads. This is also an excellent activity for birthday parties. We have a special offer of just £10 for 12 mins.

Riders need to be aged 6yrs upwards to adults and weigh a maximum of 105kg.

Ninebot is an amazing personal transporter. You drive and control it with your body's balance, just lean forward and backward to control acceleration and deceleration. To move left and right simply move the handle bar accordingly. The Ninebot senses the rider's posture and remains balanced. New riders should be able to learn the basics within 3 minutes or so.

All prices include vat and free postage or you are welcome to collect your Ninebot  from JDR Karting Gloucester