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Unit 5, Madleaze Industrial Estate, Bristol Road, Gloucester GL1 5SG

Up to 30 players per game, birthday parties, join existing players, team games, solo games. Like paintball without the pain and mess free, play whatever the weather.

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Briefing Room


Illuminated Vibrating Blobs

Phaser LCD Display

Game Enhancement Module GEM



Watch the video below to understand the game

Darklight Lasertag Arena - Gloucester

The most stunning artwork in any Lasertag Arena in the Uk

New James Bond Game - Weapon changes, immersive sound effects

The arena received a major makeover including film props and uv artwork by an international artist

A great party activity for ages of 6yrs to adults

What is Lasertag

Lasertag is the generic name encompassing Darklight, Laser Quest, Quasar, etc who are the manufacturers of the equipment. Often classified as combat games, Lasertag has a major advantage over paintball in that it is pain free - no bruising, clean plus having the obvious advantages of being indoors. Lasertag is non-violent and is a strategy game which is child friendly, but also a great environment for adults too. Lasertag involves wearing a pack with illuminated blobs attached, which players need to tag with their phasers in order to gain points. There are also GEMS in the arena which will tag you when you pass unless you tag them first. By Tagging the GEMS you will be able to gain special powers and bonus points providing you earn sufficient credits first. The game can be as simple or as complex as you wish making it suitable for all ages.

The Packs

We use the most sophisticated equipment on the planet to provide you the very best experience possible. On your phaser you will be able to see real-time information and know how well you are doing throughout the game. The names of the other players that you tag and those that tag you will also be displayed. The blobs on the packs vibrate and flash to indicate where you were tagged. Score sheets will be issued at the end of your games to take away and analyse.

The Arena

The arena is a maize containing amazing artwork to feast your eyeballs on and has multi-levels so you can even shoot through the floor. The arena has been themed around Aliens vs Predators set in an Aztec Jungle. There are a few other props which have been added to enhance the experience.

Who is this for?

This is great fun for birthday parties through to corporate eventshen parties and stag do's. Not only can we select solo games but can choose between 2, 3 or even 4 different teams where each team lights in a different colour. This is excellent for team-building events and the arena will update you throughout the game which team is leading so you don't even have to wait until the end to know who won.

If you are on your own or just a small group you can often join in with existing groups. This activity is one of the few things that young children from ages 6yrs+ to adults will all enjoy equally. If you played lasertag back in the 1990's then think again we have moved the goal posts to widen its appeal and professionalism.

Interestingly we experience an even split of male and female participants demonstrating its wide appeal.

Please see our terms & conditions before booking.

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